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Elevated Work Platform (EWP) Training Available

We are able to facilitate ​your NZQA EWP training course with Taupo Access Hire Ltd.

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EWP Operator Training

For anyone who is using EWP equipment in the workplace and needs to be deemed competent.

Covered on this course:
  • Self­-propelled Scissor Lifts
  • Knuckle Booms
  • Cherry Pickers
NZQA Unit Standards covered:
  • 23966 Theory
  • 23960 Scissor Lifts
  • 23963 Trailer Mounted Articulated
  • 23962 Boom Lifts

Working at Heights

For anyone working at heights whether ladder, scaffolding or simply in a place where a fall could result in an injury.

Covered on this course:
  • Use safety harness system when working at height
  • Employ fall arrest systems on building and construction sites
NZQA Unit Standards covered:
  • 23229
  • 15757

EWP (elevated work platform) Machine Operator Training (hourly)

Taupo Access Hire is able to facilitate one on one​ training on EWP equipment. This will ensure familiarity with the equipment causing less down time on the job. Less lost time for other staff to train them and bad habits that may be shown.

Safety Equipment for Sale and Hire

We have a range of safety equipment available for hire. We also sell a selection of heights safety equipment, harnesses, anchor points, helmets, rope grabs etc

Roof Safety Kit

All you need to safely work on a longrun metal roof.

Harness Kit

High-quality harness, lanyard and helmet.

Roof Anchor Kit

Temporary safety attachment of varying types.

Edge Protection System For Hire

The edge protection system is used to protect people from falling when working on roofs or high places; primarily used on housing & buildings.

Safety Fencing

We have a variety of safety fencing and cones to highlight a hazard. 2m long Hi-Viz Interlocking Barrier Panels also available.